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A new version of PhotoDemon includes an overhauled interface, lots of new tools (including cool things like Content-Aware resize), WebP and JPEG-XR support, and so much more.  Get it here.
PhotoDemon 6.2 beta live – testers welcome!

The latest version of PhotoDemon includes an overhauled interface, cool new tools (like Content-Aware resize), WebP and JPEG-XR support, and so much more. Get it here. (read more)

The final splash screen for version 6.0.  Thank you again to all the talented contributors that made this release possible!
PhotoDemon 6.0 is now live at

After a successful (and relatively bug-free!) beta testing session, PhotoDemon 6.0 has been deemed "ready for mass consumption". Normally this is where I would put a download link, but let me instead refer you to the new home of all things PhotoDemon: (read more)

From left-to-right, the command bar includes buttons for: reset, randomize, saved presets, and save current settings as preset.  Last-used settings are automatically saved and loaded by the dialog.
PhotoDemon 6.0 beta is live

It's taken nearly six months, but PhotoDemon 6.0 is finally ready for release. I've already talked about some of the great features this release includes, like powerful selection tools, EXIF and other metadata support, Curves and other new tools, so I'd recommend glancing through the linked article if you're curious. Since that article was written, a number of other features have been added or improved... (read more)

PhotoDemon used "Quality" mode instead of "Speed", meaning bilinear interpolation was applied to the rotated image.  No extra options are available for this tool in GIMP or Paint.NET.
Blur Filter performance: PhotoDemon vs GIMP vs Paint.NET

The latest nightly build of PhotoDemon (download it here) includes a bunch of new and improved blur filters. I thought it would be fun to speed-test four of PhotoDemon's improved blur tools against two other free photo editors: GIMP and Paint.NET. The results were surprising enough that I thought them worth sharing... (read more)


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