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As of 2010, my first novel is available for download at

Teal began as an experiment: could I actually write a full-length novel? (I’m not alone in this – 80+% of adults want to write a book.) The experiment went well, and after completing the novel, I submitted it to the first-ever Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. Teal didn’t win, but it was a semi-finalist, which meant it won a Publisher’s Weekly review and a free self-publishing deal from Amazon. (For better or worse, the contest is a thinly veiled way to introduce aspiring writers to Amazon’s self-publishing platform.)

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and made use of the self-publishing prize, but like most people who try self-publishing, I quickly learned that it takes a lot of work to find readers, even with an official listing on I also felt that Teal was a fun, well-written novel – but not a perfect novel – but it was hard to know what specifically I could do to improve it.

So I settled on a different solution: make it available online, 100% free, in hopes of receiving unbiased feedback from strangers.

I am happy to say that the experiment was well worth the effort. Many kind individuals sent me comments, compliments, and suggestions regarding the manuscript (thank you!), and I learned a great many things about writing that would have been tough to learn otherwise.

While I have since moved on to other writing projects, I still think Teal is still a great YA sci-fi read, so I’ll leave it online as long as the site continues to receive traffic.

(Someday I hope to return to the Teal universe and finish work on a sequel, which I have outlined but not actually written.)



  • In 2011, I wrote a guide on low-cost ways to access science and medical research. The article is based off techniques I learned as a bioinformatics student, and later as an R&D scientist for a dietary supplement manufacturer.
  • Ever wondered how having children affects a married couple? This article discusses recent research on changes in marital quality after the birth of a first child.

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