A momentary lapse in updates…

It never fails – I get 90% of the way through a project then decide to do everything differently.  T.H.I.S. 2.0 is no exception.  :)

For those who know me, this won’t come as much of a surprise… but I am constantly hampered by the fact that there is just not enough time in the day.  I am a man of hobbies – I can’t really remember the last time I sat home bored, and even if days were 50 hours long it still wouldn’t be enough time for me to work on all the things I have ideas for.

As such, I’ve found that I have far too many projects going on simultaneously.  This leads to none of them being done very well – as a case in point, T.H.I.S.  I love music.  I listen to a lot of it, I write a lot of it.  But how much of that ends up online?  Almost none.  I have a great many new songs chillin’ on my hard drive, never being listened to by anyone but me and my lovely wife.  It’s tragic.  But amidst working full-time, spending time with my wife, getting a music site transferred to a new server, setting up an all-new programming site and writing a full-length novel, I find myself stretched a wee bit thin.

I don’t mind this; in fact, I prefer it.  The main problem is that I have too much to share and no uniform, streamlined way of doing it.  So T.H.I.S. 2.0 is about to change.

T.H.I.S. is going to become a single, solitary blog for everything I work on.  It’ll combine programming, music, writing, and all my many other expertises (assumed or legitimate) into one massive, glorious site.  This will enable me to post to it regularly regardless of what genre I find myself working on at a given moment.  Posts will be more frequent because they won’t be tied into a specific area, and updating the site will be fun instead of a painful duty every X number of months.  I think the change will be positive.

Unfortunately for me, this requires the merging of several disparate sites and databases – which should merge easily in theory, but “in theory communism works.  In theory, Marge.”  (Great Simpsons episode.)  I also have to redo some site logos and overall design elements before this completes, so content updates will be placed momentarily on hold while I sort this merger out.

But fear not!  I’ve been on the web for years and I’m certainly not leaving anytime soon.  I just hope this merging of the blogs/sites is the magic update-promoting elixir I’ve been searching for…

Let me hope, anyway.