Song: Wild Waters Theme Song

Download song: mp3 MIDI

Planet Source Code is one of my favorite open source programming sites on the internet.  I’ve been involved with PSC since the late 90’s, and still like to drop in every now and then.  I was doing this just last week when I came across “Wild Waters” (follow the PSC link above), a freeware 2d game written in VB by Trent Jackson.   Trent was looking for music for the project, so I looked around and found this old (but good!) song sitting on my hard drive and offered it to Trent as a theme song for his project.  It seems to fit!

Known as “It Begins” back in TGP/TLA days, this song is a simple arcade-style theme song.  I based it loosely off “Cold” by matchbox twenty and I’m still fond of it even though it hasn’t been online for several years.  I don’t know why I never uploaded this before – it’s a decent theme.

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