Song: DragonFyre’s White Knights Remix


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DragonFyre was the second composer working on the score of the legendary TGP/TLA VBRPG project.  His music has a crazy ambient vibe to it (something foreign to my traditional line of composition) so I wanted to take one of his songs and rework it in classic Helland style.  “White Knights” seemed the best choice as it was one of DragonFyre’s more thematic songs.

I retained the drums from the original mix but almost everything else has been modified (and the only reason I kept the drums is because at the time, I didn’t have software that could imitate that velocity shift).  I really enjoy the new countermelodies in the final bars of the song.

This piece still has a strange feel to it – eerie but soothing, distant but imminent.  I enjoy DragonFyre’s work and it was a treat to fiddle with one of his compositions.

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