Song: Hidden Tears

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“Hidden Tears” was originally designed as an a capella choir piece, but because it lost so much in transition to MIDI, I added string accompaniment to the second half and filled out the choir (to make it sound more full).  For a MIDI choral number I’m impressed with how well the harmony is preserved.  I wish the piece had a little more dynamic and tempo variation – to make it more realistic and “humanized” – but effects like that are all but impossible to manually translate into MIDI.

I’m not sure where a piece like this would best fit in a video game; the great balance between major and minor chords makes it inspirational but reserved, leaving a lot of options open.  The emotion of the piece is striking (again, a by-product of its simplicity) and if I ever get the means to record a real choir for it, you can bet I’ll post it here first…

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