Song: Dark Knight


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“Dark Knight” is one of my oldest compositions.  I wrote the initial 8-10 measures as a sophomore in high school, but it took several years before I finally dedicated the time to produce a full-length battle theme from the original motif.  In this form I’m not even sure it embodies its title, but since it’s been known as “Dark Knight” for so long, I guess it deserves to stay that way.

My biggest hurdle in completing this song was the ungodly 5/4 time signature.  (I think I was tempted to try 5/4 after hearing FF8‘s excellent battle theme.)  Up front, I didn’t anticipate much difficulty working with a 5-beat pattern, but now I can unequivocally state: it’s a major p.i.t.a.  When done properly, however, the climatic feel of 5/4 is hard to beat.

I’ll let you decide whether or not “Dark Knight” constitutes “done properly”, haha… :)

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