Free Video Game Music (mp3, Ogg, MIDI, FLAC)

To help visitors navigate the large amount of original music on this site, I’ve created the following directory.  (Note that the search box on the left is also available, and it may be faster if you’re trying to locate a specific song.)

My music are generally available in MIDI, mp3, Ogg (Vorbis), and/or FLAC formats. As of 2015 this continues to be a work in progress; all songs should be available in at least mp3 and MIDI formats, and I am continually adding Ogg and FLAC versions as time allows. If you desperately need a song in a format other than what’s available, email me and I’ll see what I can do. At the time of this writing I am approximately 50% of the way toward supplying Ogg and FLAC versions of all songs.

Greatest Hits

Twelve songs, representing a mix of personal favorites and most popular downloads:

Original Music



  • Assault on Mist Castle – two-part anticipation/battle theme
  • Cyaron’s Gate – a two-part Bach-inspired fight theme
  • Dark Knight – a driving 5/4 orchestral number (written long before the Batman movie of the same name, FYI)
  • Defiance and Defiance Remixed – two variations on my first modern rock battle theme
  • Now or Never – traditional march/anticipatory theme, a sort of “prelude to battle”
  • Ominosity – an experiment in using nothing but minor scales to generate an emphatic battle theme
  • Reign of Anarchy – vintage RPG boss battle
  • Retribution – epic battle theme, in prog rock style

Character Theme

  • A Memory Away – character theme based on a song by Our Lady Peace
  • Clowns – a violation of every rule of good music, originally meant as a disconcerting evo; character theme
  • Crossroads – RPG character theme
  • Daybreak – the first (and last) “hoedown” theme I’ll ever write
  • Destiny – my favorite female character theme; simple, memorable, profound
  • Faith – epic choir + pipe organ + orchestra + full percussion = church music at its finest
  • Fate (Clint’s Theme) – a screwy, fatuous tribute to Clint V Franklin, aka “theraje”
  • Find You – a haunting orchestral theme marked by the best free oboe soundfont I’ve found
  • Find You (March Remix) – same great theme, new orchestral march mix
  • The Journey (Kroc’s Theme) – a classic march, led by a very nice Spanish trumpet
  • King of the Desert – the most detailed guitar work I’ve managed to hand-create in a MIDI (acoustic and electric)
  • Remember – a majestic character theme and the second half of Cyaron’s Gate

Game Over



Town Theme

  • Familiar Roads – modern, pop-rock style theme (detailed drum work)
  • Home – pastoral town theme for a quaint little fictional village
  • Lost Islands – tribal music, which basically means lots and lots and lots of drums
  • Syntheticity – synth-heavy 80’s-style VG town theme
  • Tiberian National Anthem – patriotic theme for a fictional country


  • Honky-Tonk Villain – moustached villain, innocent woman, train tracks, honky-tonk piano…
  • March of the Zargansk – dark, brooding theme for a hostile alien race
  • Thugs – MIDI doesn’t do metal rock, but it does do… cheesy imitation rock!

Remixed Music



Video Game Remixes



36 thoughts on “Free Video Game Music (mp3, Ogg, MIDI, FLAC)”

    1. Hi Eliza. All of my original music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. This allows you to use the music anywhere you like, as long as you provide proper attribution (something like “music by Tanner Helland” and a link to this page is fine). Specific details are given on each song’s page.

      The exception to this rule are remixes of other people’s music. In those cases, the original composer owns the copyright – not me – so the rules may be different. Again, specifics are listed on each song’s page.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hey uh I’m making a game in rpg maker and I was wondering if I could use your music in my game if I give the proper credits

      2. Hi Ryan. The license used by my music is the same for everyone, so all the instructions in previous comments are the same for you – use as much of the music as you’d like! Best of luck with your project.

  1. Awesome and varied videogame music, with the MIDI source available, released under a share alike license and with comments on the creative process of each song…

    You ROCK, man :)

    Seriously, though: I’ve been working on an opensource RPG for a while now, and this music may be just exactly what I needed. If I ever get far enough into the project for it to have a public release (it’s a one-woman, unpaid job, so it advances slooowly), I’ll make sure to let you know AND add your name as huge as can possibly be in the credits list.

    A huge thank you, and congratulations for a job well done :) I’m loving the songs!

  2. Hey, great music! I’m making an RPG game, and I didn’t want to write music for absolutely every area, so I think I found what I needed. I’ll make sure that you get a long time onscreen for the credits with all the other main developers ;)

  3. For my RPG I plan to release a soundtrack for it. I have written some music and some music is the music you wrote (no remixes). Do I release the album under your and my names? Or do you not want me to release the album?
    (Note: I have not finished the RPG yet. This is for future reference.)
    PS: Your music is incredible, and seriously convenient.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. You are more than welcome to release an album with any/all music from this site. The only requirements of the Creative Commons license I use (available here) are appropriate credit (noting which songs are by me, and ideally, a reference to somewhere in the liner notes), and if you decide to remix or modify any of the music, those remixes and/or arrangements must remain under a Creative Commons license. That’s all there is to it! Best of luck with your RPG project.

  4. So, recently I slightly altered some of your music (Instruments to Piano, Percussion to Acoustic Bass Drum) THEY WERE AMAZING! Not quite as you as before, but it gives them that little ‘me’ tang. I’d like permission to use the altered files, I just don’t feel right doing it without permission. If you’d like copies of some of the music, just email me, and I’ll send copies of the ones you choose. Currently I only have the originals and the ‘me’ versions as listed above.
    P.S. A bunch of Aaron Walz’s & Bjorn Lynne’s didn’t turn out so good.

    —–Father of Aia: He Who None Have Heard Of

    1. I’m glad the alterations worked out so well! A lot of my MIDI files are hand-created one note at a time via an editor (instead of just recording them), which typically means they’re very amenable to alterations.

      The CC license I use really does allow for alterations and redistribution. Everything you need to know is right here. (That’s the same link provided on every song page, FYI, except for the few remixes that are of other people’s copyrighted works, so I can’t physically relicense them.)

  5. Hei, Loved your music, and I’d like to use it in my game, be sure that I’ll credit you, I’m also having an issue downloading the music in .ogg, I click on the link, but it just starts playing on my browser, and it doesn’t download. I’m using firefox, by the way, could you help me with that?

    1. Hi Augusto. You can right-click any download link (including OGG files) and click “Save Link As…” in the popup menu. This lets you save the target file to your hard drive.

      1. Hello Tanner I have one question. So im making a minecraft map with the song “The forest Awakes” in it but it has been remixed to sound like minecraft noteblocks I know Im stupid But i figured I should ask. can I still use it as long as I credit you and have a link to your website? (its REMIXED)

      2. Hi Sterlingk. Yes, you can use any of the music on this site, originals or remixes, in any project at all. The Creative Commons license I use is very simple ( just provide credit somewhere in your project or webpage, and you have to allow others to remix your remix if they want to. That’s it! Best of luck with your project!

    1. Hi Arnaud. It’s okay that MIDI files sound different on every PC. That’s how the format has always worked. (MIDIs are the digital equivalent of sheet music. They only encode data like pitch and duration, but leave the actual playback sounds up to the sound driver.)

      I don’t use a single soundfont for the mp3 versions of my songs. Depending on the song, there could be several dozen soundfonts in use, as well as a large number of post-processing adjustments. I fear it would be impossible to recreate them exactly!

      1. Thanks a lot. I’ve hoped that you use a single soundbank or if you had one similar of what you use for rendering. I didn’t expect a 100% match but at least a similar rendering.

  6. So, do you want copies of those files or not. I’m perfectly willing to send them to anyone who wants them, under the CC license of course.
    P.S. Another name for unknown could be “Unjust Chase”, or just “Chase”.

  7. I love the original pieces. I might use thugs because the guitar matched the Xcom MIDI sound i need and i love it, or i might use all original ones.

    Point is: Awesome, Keep up the work, and Thugs is better than you think

  8. Hi Tanner,
    I love your work, just wanted to leave this, working on a remix of Cyaron’s Gate
    which I wanted to use in a game i’m currently developing,
    I’ll probably change the structure of the song a bit, its too short lol
    mind you, Its still a bit rough,
    i’ll be sure to give you credit for your work :)

  9. Hi Tanner, I just wanted to leave this, its still a work in progress –
    I wanted to use it in a game I am currently developing, i re-did some of the instruments,
    and my uncle did the guitars, it still needs some work, as I wanted to extend the song (its too short xD)
    i’ll be sure to credit you when I complete the game.

    Thanks again for all your work, and how you licensed your material :)

  10. So, I’m working on some of my own pieces and I was wondering if you could tell me what key works best to make a song seem angry.

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