Need help on your latest project?

Need some legacy VB code? Want an original song or two for an indie game project? Interested in your own custom-skinned WordPress blog?

While I don’t have a ton of free-time, I’m always interested in picking up the odd bit of contract work. Past projects have included:

  • Custom engine port mapping software. Sample output:
  • Original music for everything from educational software to indie games.
  • WordPress skinning similar to what you see here at
  • Anything else you can dream up…

All contract work is handled on a per-job basis at a flat rate of $65 an hour.  I’m generally only able to take jobs that can be completed in less than 4 or 5 hours, though I’m willing to make exceptions for especially interesting or entertaining projects…

For more information – or to request my services – please head over to the contact page and include the term “job” in your subject line.