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Why I ask for donations instead of using advertising, subscriptions, or other mechanisms to fund my work

  • First, to respect your privacy. While using my software and visiting my site, you can be confident that no 3rd-party is tracking your browsing habits through some hidden cookie or javascript code.
  • Second, to give you a better experience. There are already too many flashing banners, sudden sounds, and distracting ad boxes cluttering up modern technology. You will find none of that here.
  • Finally, I embrace the idea that mankind is capable of great good. To “put my money where my mouth is,” so to speak, I rely entirely on the goodwill of others to fund my software and media development. This model has worked for four years now, and I hope it continues to work for many more.

Because I do not use advertising or other payment systems to fund my work, it is sometimes necessary for me to seek donations. Web hosting is inexpensive but not free, and this site has some unique demands because of the breadth of downloads it offers (free software, many zip files, audio files (including FLAC), and images, especially those related to tutorials).

For matters of simplicity, I handle all donations through PayPal. A PayPal account is not necessary to donate. Bank accounts and credit cards work just fine, and PayPal uses bank-level, industry-standard security and encryption for all transactions.

I am deeply grateful to all those who have donated to the site, whether by financial means or by simply sharing links with friends. Thank you!