About Tanner

TannerHi! I’m Tanner, the guy who runs this (eponymous) URL.

This site is the online home of my many creative endeavors. Some have been successful, others have not, but everything here represents a labor of love – and as long as various projects continue to receive traffic, I’ll happily make them available under the most liberal terms I can (currently a CC-BY license for my audio samples, and a simplified BSD license for my code).

This site originally began as a merging of two separate sites: the music studio I ran in college, and a coding portfolio based on my bioinformatics career. Over time, it has grown to include bits and pieces of my other hobbies, many user-submitted comments, and a serialized version of at least one novel (Teal). In the future, it may include other forms of content. One of the best things about being an artist is never knowing what the next year holds. :)

If you ever have comments or questions about anything you’ve found here, feel free to get in touch.

Kind regards,