Get It While It’s Hot – the Complete Music Collection

For the first time ever, the complete music collection is available for download.  By downloading this one .zip file, you will have access to all 42 full-length songs currently available on this site.

Enjoy the music!

Download the Complete Music Collection (97mb)

Technical Specs

Number of songs: 42

Format: mp3 (192 kbps, stereo)

Running length: ~1 hour 20 minutes

Included songs: Aerith’s Theme (Piano Solo), Alagaesia and Eragon, A Memory Away, “Bloody Tears” Remix, Carol of the Bells (Ukranian Bell Carol), Clowns, Crossroads, Dark Knight, Defiance, Defiance v2, Deserve to be Loved, Destiny, DragonFyre’s White Knights Remix, Faith, Faith (Chase Remix), Faith (Love Remix), Familiar Roads, Fate, Find You, Find You (March Remix), From Here, Halls of Despair, Hidden Tears, Home, King of the Desert, Leaving Millie, Leaving Millie (Live), Lost Islands, March of the Zargansk, Nevermore, Now or Never, Ominosity, Purgatory’s Mansion, Reign of Anarchy, Remember, Retribution, Surreptitious, The Haunting, The Journey (Kroc’s Theme), Tiberian National Anthem, Unknown, Wild Waters Theme Song

Creative Commons License

All songs in this collection are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License unless otherwise noted.

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One thought on “Get It While It’s Hot – the Complete Music Collection”

  1. Awesomesauce, thanks so much for this! I really look forward to listening to these :) Leaving Millie (Live) is without doubt the most powerful song I have in my library.

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