New Music Phase 1: Complete

Great news!  Phase 1 of my “new music project” is now complete.  Here’s what Phase 1 involved:

1) Fixing dissonance, inconsistencies, and poor orchestration in existing MIDIs

Every MIDI on the site has been tweaked at least slightly, and more than one has received a fairly significant overhaul.  Many of the drum tracks have been edited to be less repetitive and more dynamic (especially under soundfonts).

2) New articles for each song

Originally, I had just cut-and-paste song description text from my old studio website.  Now each song has a real article with very visible download links at the top.

3) Remixing all existing mp3s with top quality soundfonts

Many of my previous mp3s were built using the default XP soundfont…which was not good.  New mp3 tracks, built off a variety of excellent soundfonts, are available for the following songs:

**A Memory Away**
Dark Knight
**Deserve To Be Loved**
DragonFyre’s White Knights Remix
Faith (Love Remix)
Find You
**From Here**
Halls of Despair
Hidden Tears
**Lost Islands**
March of the Zargansk
Nevermore (Game Over)
Now or Never
Purgatory’s Mansion
Reign of Anarchy
Tiberian National Anthem

Quite the list, eh?  I’ve marked my favorite remixes with asterisks.  (Some of the songs are completely different under the new soundfonts – SO much better.)

4) Create new mp3s for MIDI-only songs

Three songs on the site were only available in MIDI format…but no longer!  Each of these now has a custom-mixed mp3, and each is well worth a listen:

The Haunting
Wild Waters Theme Song

In Conclusion

Enjoy the new music!  If you notice any broken links, or if you dislike any of the new tracks please let me know ASAP so I can fix things up.

And if I don’t hear from you, I’ll just assume you completely loved everything.  :)

P.S.  Now begins Phase 2 of my “new music project” – finishing and mixing songs I’ve already written, but that have never made it online.  There’s a good chunk of content there, so subscribe to the RSS feed to stay on top of updates!

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