We got music

It’s taken quite some time, but I’ve finally managed to get all of the music from the old site (T.H.I.S. 1.0) onto this server.  Glad to have that done!

As you can see, blog entries have been created for each song and they are also nicely categorized by style/genre in the “Categories” list to your right.  I’m a little worried that the transition might have broken some links – I’ve tried my best to keep things accurate, but if you catch a song link that’s broken please let me know.

Beyond that, please enjoy the music!  I’m getting eager to post some cool new piano pieces as well as some sheet music for my existing piano numbers.  I’m also preparing a series of articles on some of my favorite Final Fantasy games, which oughta be controversial enough to draw in some new traffic and create some good discussion, hehe.

So stay tuned!

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