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Song: Ominosity

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Ominosity. Such a clever name.  Hehe.

I hate naming songs (I’ve got no less than twelve unfinished songs with the name “Battle” ), so I get excited when I actually think up something witty.  Simple things for simple minds, as they say.

A couple experiments are taking place as you listen to this song.  First, I decided to write something in 6/4 just because I could.  I’d never used this time signature before “Ominosity”, so what you’re hearing is my trial run.  (Note that I’d already tried 5/4 with “Dark Knight”, and I have no plans for trying 7/4 anytime soon.) Second, I wanted to stick as much as possible to using only complete minor scales.  Don’t ask me why I wanted to try such a thing, because I don’t have an answer for you.  I guess I was bored.

What amazes me is how well the minor scales ended up working for a song like this.  This was also one of my more fitting drum lines.  The cymbal work in this nothing short of masterful (especially for a hand-entered MIDI drum track!).

I suppose that part of the inspiration for Ominosity came from Metallica’s S&M album.  There is something so cool about a full orchestra and rock band playing together, and Michael Kamen really outdid himself with the orchestral work on that album.  In that spirit, here is a tribute to one of the more influential bands in recent rock history.

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