Using the WP-Print and Sociable Plugins Together

Two excellent WordPress Plugins are WP-Print by Lester Chan and Sociable by Joost de Valk.  Unfortunately, these two plugins don’t play nicely together.  To prevent any Sociable links/images from being printed from a WP-Print screen, first disable automatic placement of Sociable from the Sociable admin page.  Next, paste the following PHP code into the Single Post file of your theme (at the location where you want sociable to appear):

<?php do_shortcode(‘[donotprint]’); ?><?php if (function_exists(‘sociable_html’)) { echo sociable_html(); } ?><?php do_shortcode(‘[/donotprint]’); ?>

…then repeat this for any other template pages where you want Sociable to appear!

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3 thoughts on “Using the WP-Print and Sociable Plugins Together”

  1. Thanks Alex!

    Your idea inspired me: If your want to integrate WP-Print into Sociable just put following code into the location section in “sociable.php”:

    'WP-Print' => Array(
    'favicon' => 'printer.png',
    'url' => 'print',
    'description' => 'Print',

    Like that you can even arrange the WP-Print icon within the Sociable admin panel.

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