Smooth color gradients using only VB6 (NO images)

This program demonstrates how to create a smooth color gradient between any two colors on any size of form. While gradients are often used for visual effects, perhaps the most useful aspect of this project is the gradient algorithm itself. Many other algorithms (like image resampling) use variations of the gradient algorithm – so learn it well! :)

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3 thoughts on “Smooth color gradients using only VB6 (NO images)”

  1. i downloaded your source code its working, but the same function am using in another project gradient is not coming.
    Is any reference is required

    1. Hi Kalaivanan,

      There are two settings you must check:

      1) Make sure that the form (or picture box) has its .ScaleMode property set to “3 – Pixel”

      2) Make sure that the form (or picture box) has its .AutoRedraw property set to “True”

      Those two settings are required for all VB code on this site.

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