Song: FF7 Boss Battle (Those Who Fight Further) – Two Piano Remix


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While Final Fantasy VII is not my favorite game from the series, it does possess some very memorable music. Chief among these is the anxious, driving boss battle theme, known as “Those Who Fight Further” (更に闘う者達). I’d go so far as to call it the most well-known JRPG battle theme, which is why I thought it worthy of a full-scale piano remix.

Several hours into my arranging, it became apparent that there was no way to do the song justice by using a single piano.  So two were required.  This is an arrangement for four hands on two pianos, and frankly, it would probably be easier as six hands on three pianos.  However, because this is a synthesized arrangement (e.g. not recorded live) I got away with mixing it in a manner that is probably impossible for just two people to play.  Exciting!

Credit for the original composition goes to the great Nobuo Uematsu.  I also based this arrangement off a MIDI version of the track downloaded from

Bonus: if you’re in the mood for some nostalgia, here’s a 10-minute video of every boss battle in the game. :D

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This arrangement of “Those Who Fight Further” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. The original song is ©1997 Square Co., Ltd.

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