Nokia N900 Photography – Spring 2012 Edition

It’s become a tradition to post photos from one of my favorite local destinations (Red Butte Garden) each spring, after all the snow finally melts and nature finally begins to bloom.

All photos in the gallery were taken with my Nokia N900 smartphone.  The phone has a 5mp sensor, but these were all taken at the 3.5mp setting (widescreen).  This year was a bit different because my wife has a new iPhone 4S, and it was interesting to compare the results from that camera and my N900.  I still prefer the N900, in large part thanks to its two-stage shutter button and its dedicated macro mode.  Touch-to-focus is fine for portraits, but for close-ups it simply doesn’t work very well.  Additionally, a lot of these photos require very odd angles (most commonly holding the phone at ground-level) where I can’t see the phone’s screen.  The N900’s macro mode is reliable enough that I’m able to shoot blindly; touch-to-focus simply doesn’t work in those scenarios.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that all photos were taken with the N900’s default camera application, and they’ve received no retouching whatsoever.

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