Song: Find You (March Remix)

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Note: The original version of “Find You” can be found here.

Today’s download digs deep into the archives of an old video game project I was involved in (circa 2002). The original version of this song is a simple orchestral theme led by an oboe melody (linked at the top of this article). The game called for an action sequence using the original song, but it didn’t really fit; the original mix is slow and unassuming, which isn’t generally what you want accompanying an action sequence.

As an alternative, I put together this demo of the theme remixed as an orchestral march. It retains the instrument mix of the original, but the oboe is moved to a supporting role while the melody is taken over by a trombone.

Because this was just a demo, it’s only two short movements separated by a key change. Though the video game project dissolved before reaching completion, I enjoyed the opportunity to show off the versatility of the original theme.

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