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If you’ve read my explanation/confession/description for “Ominosity“, you’ll know how much I dislike naming songs.  I’ve got no inspiration whatsoever for this song’s name, so it will forever exist as “Unknown”.  If you can think of a better name, let me know.

This song is a byproduct of boredom in its purest form.  Sometimes I find myself in a rut with the direction my composing is going, so I’ll force myself to sit down and arrange whatever comes out of my brain first.  I’ve always loved “Hall of the Mountain King,” so I figured I’d slaughter it by converting it into MIDI with a groovy drumbeat and strange background synth instruments.

Grieg would definitely kill me if he heard this.

No offense intended, old buddy.  Just trying to get myself out of a rut.

(Thanks for the help.)

BTW, the drums really are sweet on this one.

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