Song: Faith (Love Remix)

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Note: The original version of “Faith” can be found here.

I’ve played with many ideas for adding a melody to “Faith’s” original simple vi-IV-I-V (or i-VI-III-VII in natural minor) progression, but invariably none of them were epic enough to match the scope and majesty of the original arrangement.  Eventually I settled on a couple non-epic ideas worth investigating – and thus we get this “love remix”.

The key to writing a good remix is to maintain enough of the original that it sounds familiar, while also adding enough new/changed material that it’s not just a rip-off variation.  I wanted this to be a literal “re-mixing” of the original “Faith” theme and I’m pleased with how it turned out.  Nothing spectacularly technical here; just some simple arrangements of a couple simple themes.  Nothing as majestic as the original, but – then again – a sequel never is, eh?

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