Song: Halls of Despair

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“Halls of Despair” was my first attempt at a fully mixed horror theme.  Because of this, it was also the first effects-driven song I ever wrote.  The huge amount of volume panning almost gives me motion sickness now…hehe…  Part of me thinks the effects are almost too much, but another part of me kinda likes how they work together to totally disorient the listener.  This song is best listened to at a quiet volume, so the effects are more subconscious than explicit.

Personally, I find this song too thick for use in an actual horror sequence.  Were I to tone it down a little bit (and strip out the whole last half, obviously) I think it would work just right as an ambient horror song.  But, for now, I’ll leave it as-is to demonstrate the fun that panning effects can be.  :D

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