Song: Assault on Mist Castle

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“Assault on Mist Castle” is another one of my earliest pieces.  Originally designed as an “ambition theme” – seriously, that’s what I was asked to create – it instead ended up as a two-part anticipation/battle theme.

Anyone who’s worked with MIDI knows that brass instruments are notoriously to work with.  They inevitably sound very synthy, and the attack either sounds mushy and wet or painfully harsh.  I did what I could with the brass instruments in this piece – they’re not stellar, but they work.  I also used a French Horn (the best MIDI brass instrument by a long shot) for sections where a bit more melody was required.

The second half of this piece reminds me a lot of the Mortal Kombat theme.  (I think it’s the orchestra hits.) The guitar/synth instrument mix was pretty much all I used for the majority of my early compositions, so count yourself lucky that this piece also includes a semi-orchestral section!

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