N900 - white flower

Some Nokia N900 Photography

Now that Utah weather is FINALLY improving, my wife and I were finally able to take a road trip out to Red Butte Garden.  All photos here were taken with my Nokia N900. The phone has a 5mp sensor, but these were all taken at the 3.5mp setting (widescreen).

Not bad for a phone, eh?

N900 - Yellow Flower 1
N900 - field of yellow flowers
N900 - tree blooms (white)
N900 - yellow flowers and sun
N900 - tree blooms (pink)
N900 - white flower
N900 - even more yellow flowers
N900 - winding path

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2 thoughts on “Some Nokia N900 Photography”

  1. Yellow Flower 1 and White flower are awesome!

    Were you holding the camera at the time or was this taken from a camera stand? (I know that sounds like a dumb question considering the N900 doesn’t have a camera mount hole, but I know of a camera stand / clamp that can hold these phones, so I thought I would ask just in case).

    Nice photos though. I was looking at my image gallery recently and was surprised that I had taken over 1500 photos in the three months that I have had the N900.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Mik! No camera stand was used – just hands and careful breathing. :)

      Macro mode on the N900 has been particularly impressive so far. (Most of these pictures made use of macro mode.)

      Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited for the PR1.2 camera improvements – including night mode. Should be fun to experiment with it!

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