Song: Daybreak

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Way back when I first submitted this song to the video game team I was part of when I wrote it, I classified the genre as “Hoe-down…? Jig?! Barnyard dance?!?!”

That about sums it up.

Daybreak is the kind of song I’m glad I wrote, but I’ll never write another song like it. I’ve never been a big country music fan, so writing a fiddle jig was a bit outside my comfort zone.

I think a good summary of this song comes from one of the members of the original game project. After hearing this piece, he commented (slightly edited):

“Hoe down what? I’m not quite sure what square dances in america are like but this reminds me heavily of…well feck knows, but this is something real surprising from Tanner. Damn it’s catchy.

Also, that lead fiddle is real nasty sounding, DAMN. Any way of improving the sound of it would be greatly appreciated.”

Still makes me laugh. :)

On a final note, I got the original idea for this piece – strangely enough – from “Final Answer” by The Calling. I’m fairly certain no one on planet earth could have guessed that connection had I not mentioned it!

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2 thoughts on “Song: Daybreak”

  1. Gosh to think the years I’ve had your songs on my drive and yet as just a handful amongst the 6’000 or so songs I have, I can recall your tunes to mind surprisingly well! They are catchy and they stick, and as soon as I saw “Daybreak”, I could remember it again!

    If there’s a song I’d really like to see finished and spruced up it would be Midnight Caverns.

    1. I had to whip out that original TGP review quote. It was too funny to forget! A couple other songs post-dated for this month include more amusing TGP comments – hope you enjoy them. :)

      I’d forgotten about Midnight Caverns! One of my big mistakes was having the working version of these songs titled one way on my hard drive, then retitling them for the TGP/TLA Sample Packs. So trying to figure out which TGP song is which “Song_###” on my hard drive is a real pain. ;) I’ll keep an eye out for that one, as it definitely deserves a second look.

      Thanks for the kind words, as well.

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