Opening the Musical Vault

If you enjoy any of the music available on this site, today is your lucky day.

After several weeks of work, I’ve completed full remastering of six – yes, SIX – pieces of music from the Tanner Helland musical vault. These six pieces have never been posted to this site before, so you’re in for a real treat. (If you ever visited the original Kroc Camen version of, you may have heard several of these pieces – but not all!)

The pieces range from a fiddle jig to an epic castle assault to a honky-tonk villain theme.

Yeah. They’re THAT sweet.

I’ve post-dated the songs to periodically post themselves over the next 6 weeks. Subscribe to music updates specifically via the following feed:

In the meantime, enjoy the new dedicated page for “Deeper” – my latest techno dungeon theme.

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