Apologies for the RSS Spam

To my loyal followers:

(THAT sounds narcissistic)

Many apologies for the momentary bout of RSS “spam” in tannerhelland.com feeds.  I’ve been working on integrating my Twitter and WordPress accounts (which should eventually lead to more quality content both places).  An unfortunate side-effect is that once everything got connected, a bunch of Twitter posts got sucked into WordPress, making it look like there were TONS of new posts.  To make matters worse, WordPress has trouble assigning intelligent titles to tweets – especially if the tweet starts with a URL – so it makes the RSS look full of gibberish.  I’m working on a system to remedy that.

I promise this won’t happen again, although as I fix some of the terrible auto-generated titles your reader may get confused and think these are yet more new posts.  Sorry in advance!  :)

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