One New Song, Three “Remasters”

First, direct links to the three remastered songs:

Alagaesia and Eragon (Piano Solo) – MIDI (15kb)

Alagaesia and Eragon (Piano Solo) – mp3 (8.1mb)

Alagaesia and Eragon (Piano Solo) – ogg (5.7mb)

A Memory Away – MIDI (10kb)

A Memory Away – mp3 (3.9mb)

A Memory Away – ogg (3.4mb)

Clowns – MIDI (15kb)

Clowns – mp3 (2.5mb)

Clowns – ogg (2.0mb)

And something quite rare – an entirely new, never-before-published track. Woohoo!

Deeper – MIDI (27kb)

Deeper – mp3 (7.7mb)

Deeper – ogg (6.7mb)

“Deeper” is an experimental track for an unannounced project. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that. :)

So what can I say about it?

Well, I can say that it has been designed as background music (meant to have narration over the top of it), which explains the largely benign instrument choices. Also of note is that I’ve had no choice but to cut down the MIDI track because the mp3/ogg versions use some unorthodox instruments that don’t translate into MIDI. Finally, “Deeper” also uses an all-new guitar soundfont, which I think works well in this context.

And yes – more new music and additional “remasters” are on the way!

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