10 Days of Ubuntu 10.10 Feature Requests

If you’ve read my past two articles (here and here), you’re hopefully aware of several things:

  1. I am a very happy Ubuntu user.
  2. That said, Ubuntu is not perfect.  <gasp!>  Yes, it does have some problems.  These are outlined in more detail in my Ubuntu Report Card (2009) article.
  3. Out of a desire to help, I’ve been compiling feature requests from fellow Ubuntu users.  What has kept you from switching to Ubuntu full-time, and what do you hope Ubuntu changes in the future?

My next series of articles are the culmination of emails and comments received as a result of point #3.

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to title this article “10 Days of Ubuntu 10.10 Feature Requests.”  If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to read my case for the one feature Ubuntu 10.04 needs.  In that article I make the case for Ubuntu 10.04 being a “featureless” release – e.g. one that focuses solely on stability and performance.  I stand by that opinion, and to that end I believe that Ubuntu 10.10 could be a great place to focus on a feature-heavy release (having solved all it’s stability and performance issues in 10.04, of course :p).

So here you have it – 10 feature requests that I (and many others) would love to see by the time Ubuntu 10.10 rolls around.

(Disclaimer: efforts to implement many of these features are already underway, so kudos to the Ubuntu team in advance!)

(Disclaimer: I realize that some in the Linux community will take great offense at my interchangeable use of “Ubuntu” and “Linux”, but rest assured – I mean no harm by this, and I am well aware that Ubuntu and Linux are not the same thing.  However, for purposes of clarity and brevity these articles will use the two terms interchangeably.)

Day 1 – A Great Package Management (Add/Remove Software) Experience

Day 2 – A Music Player That Doesn’t Suck

Day 3 – Improved Visual Aesthetics

Day 4 – Real Wine Integration

Day 5 – Solid, Functional Video Editing

Day 6 – Simple, Reliable, Integrated Backup Tool

Day 7 – Mend Key Relationships

Day 8 – Better Online Video Experience

Day 9 – Renewed Focus on Marketing

Day 10 – Paper Cuts, Paper Cuts, Paper Cuts

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17 thoughts on “10 Days of Ubuntu 10.10 Feature Requests”

  1. I would like to see an easier Video DVD creator in Ubuntu. The cryptic stuff is a pain. I’ve tried a ton of OS Software with little or no results.

  2. Why does each new Ubuntu release wipe out applications that I have installed on the previous version? If it can’t cope with these files, could I please have a list of applications that I need to re-install (rather then waiting until I need to use one and find it’s not there!

    1. I sure am. Brainstorm is a great idea. You’ll find that variations of many of my suggestions appear on Ubuntu Brainstorm (and I’ve tried to link to appropriate brainstorm pages when applicable).

  3. About “Better Online Video Experience”.
    I`m getting a lot better video experience with googles chromé/chromium browser than in firefox. Maybe it`s in the browser and not the plugin the problem is.

  4. I gave up on Ubuntu after flailing around trying to get external monitor support happening on my laptop. Also, wireless setup wasn’t plug and play for me. If I do have another look I’ll do my research buy a machine with usb wireless cards and accessories that are known to work. But can’t afford that at the moment.
    All that said, I really did enjoy the Ubuntu desktop experience.

  5. well at least the highly requested feature: “we want gimp single window mode” is already being handled so no need to include that anymore ^^

    well i like all your suggestions since these (basically all) are things they are already working on and hopefully they will be here by 10.10

    anyway remember 2010 will be the year of the SmartBook and we need to focus 150% on that experience




    -simpler to use

    -touch screen


    i bet the moblin remix will be wonderful, however since it was intel, its optimized for atom and not for arm probably. We also have jolicloud and the big daddy android and then later on chrome os (we’ll see if they prefer it over android)

  6. Well I hope it gets better but 9.10 does not support FLOPPY and is weak on CD detection. the older 9.04 and 8.04 give much better hardware support. The worry about Ubuntu is they seem to be thinking everyone in the world uses a 299. dollar 8″ notebook.
    They need to keep hardware and plug and play functional as a lot of people still use FLOPPY and tape to access archived files.

  7. hi , great post

    I would like one pppoe tool and of course pppow tool that does great job like the one in xp or even better

    right now (dsl) tab in network manager is not useful , when connection problem happens it just disconnects , there is no messages or log at all and it only supports cable-dsl or pppoe and not pppow (that is over wifi)

    and the cli options all need to be configured for specific interface

    I mean not like xp , you just need to creat a broadband connection shortcut on the desktop and then enter your username and password , it does not matter the dsl on which interface

    I think you have got the idea

    the reason this feature is important is that its widely used in parts of africa and the middle east especially in iraq where I live , the biggest isp uses pppow

    and whenever I introduce ubuntu to someone , the first question I face is (how about the INTERNET CONNECTION???)

    whenever I talk about cli (pppoeconf or pppoe-setup ,…), I wish I did not talked about ubuntu when I see the look on the winblows fans faces

  8. Well, if you are for a simple application and system backup, then please promote this idea:


    2GB would be more than enough for backing up all your applications, sounds crazy, but this would work! You don’t backup the software itself, you just backup a file, which contains all your installed applications. The software is reinstalled using the repository, when recovering the system!

  9. hi am a just started using ubuntu linux.Its is the best linux os in the web till now.Few things are really bad of it which i would like to see improved in the new version are
    1)Better webcam support.I have noticed many webcams dont want to work in ubuntu,like for example my iball webcam doesnt want to run in ubuntu.
    2)Include cheese by default
    3)Support to play vcd
    4)i would like to see a client which will give us info of newer display driver and will update the display drivers
    5)Better wifi support like including wifi drivers by default as well as a wifi radar which will show us all the present wifi network around.
    6)ad hoc support for wifi
    7)Include wine by default
    8)a better music player (rhythm box sucks as well as totem)
    9)try not to keep the default boot splash as in ubuntu 10.04 as it has the resolution problem after installing the display driver.
    10)Lastly i would like to see the present bugs fixed in the 10.10 relese
    These are my points which i think ubuntu should really work on.Thank you i hope ppl at ubuntu concider these points while developing the new 10.10.

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