Song: Deserve to be Loved


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Of all the songs I’ve written, I think this one may be the best match for title and song.  I don’t know where the inspiration for the title “Deserve to be Loved” came from…which is probably why it fits so well.  Creativity is weird like that.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d venture to say that most adults have experienced a time in life where they felt like they deserved to be loved by someone that didn’t grant the same.  (If you haven’t felt such an emotion, consider yourself extremely lucky.)  This is the song that plays as you walk down a rainy street, alone and tired and cold and angry and confused, wondering why you ever fell for him/her in the first place.  And yet the love is still there and you deserve to be loved.

I think you’ll really like this song, especially after you’ve been dumped.  (Seems to fit that kind of mood.)

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