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“Crossroads” was written well before the Britney Spears movie, lest any of you think there’s some kind of connection between the two.

There isn’t.  I promise.

“Crossroads” has been the character theme of several unfinished game characters.  Generally, it seems to embody a secondary party member who – in typical fashion – has something to prove but not necessarily the means to prove it.  Using what was, for a time, my trademark mix of instruments (gotta love the ol’ charang), this is another harmonically simple piece with a simple but catchy melody.  I firmly believe that the best “theme” songs are actually thematic in nature…something often lost in modern video game and film scores.  Theme songs should have a recognizable “theme”, i.e. something that you could sit down and plink out on a piano and know right away what it was from.

I’d like to think that “Crossroads” has such a theme.  Something simple, something memorable.

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